How To Get Clicks on a Minecraft Server List Post

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When posting your server on a server list, you have to consider that there are often tens of thousands of other posts on that same list that you're competing with. There are some things you can do to make yours stand out over others and so drive people to click on it and visit your server over others.

See our top server list websites tip for suggestions on which specific server lists to use.

In the order of significance these are:

  1. On almost all server lists your server banner is the first thing a user will see alongside your IP address & player count.. If this doesn't get their attention then all the other work you put into your actual post is irrelevant, because they wouldn't have clicked through to see it. To make your banner attractive, firstly look at what other popular servers of the same type have done - in particular at what types of font are used, what colours, how much text is being used. In general you'll notice that popular servers try to keep animations very simple to keep file size down, they won't use a lot of text (normally just a few key words, and won't display their IP in the banner image - as too much text would put off potential users from reading it) and bright colours are used to catch the attention of potential users. When designing a banner for your own server take these things into account (to make your banner you can use Photoshop or a free alternative), use an online tool for creating basic banners or pay someone to create it for you.
  2. Votes are a big factor on server lists, as the more you have the nearer to the front page your banner is displayed. To encourage your players to vote on server lists you can use a plugin such as Votifier, which allows you to reward players in-game when a player votes - although be careful not to spam existing players as forcing them to vote too often may discourage them from playing on your server.
  3. The IP address of your server is also displayed next to your banner & player count. This should never change once a server has been launched, so make sure when registering a domain for your server that you pick one you can stick with (e.g. if you plan on adding a creative game mode to your current survival server, don't have the word 'survival' in the server domain anywhere). Also avoid using the IP address on server lists, register a domain (e.g. www.minerifts.com ) and use a subdomain such as play or mc (e.g. play.minerifts.com). The most widely used domain extensions are normally .com, .net or .org - so try and get one of these (unless say you're a french-only server, in which case get the french domain extension).
  4. The player count of your server is normally displayed alongside its banner & IP address, so is seen by potential new players. One important factor to consider here is that you should never fake your player count to decieve new players into thinking you have more players online than you actually do - as this will get you a very bad rep and potentially provoke players & other server owners to harass your server and its players. By default your maximum player count is fixed, often at 50 or 100. Two things to consider here are that your maximum should not be significantly more than your peak player count, e.g. if you normally get say 20 players on a weekend at your busiest time - then you should set your max player count to perhaps 30 or 40. Having this significantly larger than your active players can put off new players as they think the server isn't popular. A second consideration is that there are plugins which will adjust your maximum player count to 1 above the current player count, e.g. if you have 20 players online it would set the max to 21 and so display 20/21 to users - this has a psychological impact on potential users that your server is full and so popular (similar to why prices are often displayed as 9.99 rather than 10 to give the impression that a user is getting better value).
  5. Your server description is the next thing a player see's when clicking on your server banner. This should be as short as possible, and be aimed towards someone who has never heard of you - so never assume they'll know what your currency or rank names are, use widely recognised terms. Often the terms 'proxy' and 'BungeeCord' are used - although many servers run these, your average player is still unlikely to know what these things are - so explain them with non-technical terms! Giving a short introduction and then listing the game modes/perks you provide is a good basis for its structure. Make sure you never lie about something here, as like faking your player count - you may provoke players or other server owners into harassing you and your players.

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