Top 8 Minecraft Server List Websites To Use

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There are lots of factors that determine a good Minecraft server list.

The main factors in our opinion are:

  • Security (your votifier key needs to stay secure, and you don't want to direct users to a malicious website)
  • Good vote validation (preventing players spamming votes)
  • Uptime (users are put off very quickly if one of your voting sites is down all the time)
  • Usability (things like an easy-to-use Captcha, excessive ads)

Something to note related to security - in the past couple of years many server lists have had their user data leaked online, so it's good practice to use a random password for your account when signing up for one - and to even go so far as to register a new email address just for it, so that if your account on it is leaked they get none of your personal information.

So these said, here are our top Minecraft server list websites in order:

  1. Minecraftservers.org (Good all round)
  2. Minecraft Multiplayer
  3. Minecraft Server List (Slightly outdated)
  4. Minecraft Tracker
  5. Minecraft Forum (Very new, but high traffic)
  6. Planet Minecraft (Gets you lots of views, but is often down; also has notoriously difficult captchas)
  7. TopG (Targets games other than Minecraft, so doesn't get as much traffic)
  8. MC Server Status (Uses HTTPS, so very secure)

We recommend using our inline voting tool, to ensure maximum engagement with your users.

See our getting clicks on your server list post tip for ways to encourage users to click on your server list post.

We're in communication with several server lists to improve awareness of our tools, and ensure that this voting overlay & their server lists work well together. We encourage you to try these out:

If you really want to use more than 8 server lists, and we strongly advise against this as it can discourage votes on the higher-traffic sites and altogether if you use too many, here are a few worth mentioning (all are considered reasonably secure & trustworthy, although some aren't tested by us):

Pocket Edition server lists:

Specialist server lists:

French server lists:

German server lists:

Spanish server lists:

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